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Finding your part is easy with Hotline 40What is Hotline 40
Hotline 40 Auto Parts is a group of dismantlers located all over the Adelaide metropolitan area. It was established in 1982 and is linked with a Digital Radio system that enables members to share information with each other during business hours. Hotline40.com.au is an extension of the Digital Radio system and will enable our customers to interact with us through a parts locator submission form. As soon as you request a part all Hotline 40 members will view your request and reply if they have the required part. This e-mailed reply will have the location of the part, it's condition and any costs associated with the purchase/delivery of the particular part. This will assure you will be able to select the option that suits your needs the best.

How does Hotline 40 work?
Each member has a Digital Radio on the counter. This Radio system is computer controlled. You can converse immediately, there is no dialing, it is instant. A Hotline 40 Auto Parts member uses the hotline to ask for parts, which you the client, are looking for. Each member will respond using a numerical identification. If you look at the list of dealers, you will see they, are each identified by a number.

How does the 131740 number work?
Use our 131-740 number for direct parts and service location. By ringing 131-740, you will be connected to your closest Hotline 40 Auto Parts member. Ask for the part you want and the Hotline 40 Auto Parts salesman will give you the contact number and location of the members who have the part. If outside of Adelaide, please dial 1800 131-740 - our free call number.

Customer Service
If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Hotline 40 Auto Parts members, please feel free to contact our secretary Mr Geoff Bailey by email at geoff@hotline40.com.au, or on (08) 8349 5939 during business hours.

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